Month: December 2019

Yorkshire: The end of grouse shooting in sight?

An article in The Guardian this Sunday, looking at a “landmark” decision by Yorkshire Water, the county’s largest landowner, to review the leasing of its land to grouse shoots, suggested that, “On Brontë country’s moors, the end of grouse shooting is in sight”. In sight perhaps, writes Charlie Moores, but the industry won’t go without a fight.

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Werritty – because grouse just exist to be shot?

The one recommendation many conservationists were hoping for from this Review was the licencing of grouse moors. Not, writes Charlie Moores, the shutting down of grouse moors after years of wildlife crime, the massive toll of native wildlife in traps and snares, the appalling annual slaughter of Mountain Hares, and the destruction of precious moorland habitat – just licencing.

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Fundraiser | Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire’s Moors

At Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire’s Moors, our mission is to free up spaces for wildlife and environmental conservation by ending exploitation of the uplands for grouse shooting. We’re seeking £1,000 to help grow our on-the-ground investigations and research work into corporate moorlands where our intelligence indicates birds of prey, badgers and other wildlife is being targeted and killed by gamekeepers to boost grouse numbers for shooting.

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