Month: February 2020

Fox Hunts | How Many?!

It seems to have skipped the notice of many of the UK’s many fox/stag/hare hunters that in 2002 Scotland passed the Protection Of Wild Mammals Act and that England and Wales passed the Hunting Act 2004 (which came into force in early 2005). Perhaps there wasn’t enough publicity at the time – or every year since. In fact there are hundreds of hunts still operating, and now, writes Charlie Moores, the League Against Cruel Sports have devised an interactive map to show exaclty where they are.

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RSPB | New Raptor Persecution figures

Yesterday the RSPB and its superb Investigations Team were all over social media and the BBC’s Six O’Clock News relaying information about just how widespread raptor persecution still is. Britain’s largest conservation charity linked to their updated Raptor Persecution Map Hub which pinpoints 1,225 confirmed incidents. Millions of people, writes Charlie Moores, will have probably heard such a clear condemnation of raptor persecution for the very first time.

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Bella Lack | Crowdfunder

Bella Lack is a campaigner for animal rights, wildlife conservation and environmental issues. She’s an ambassador for the Born Free Foundation and the Jane Goodall Foundation, has worked with the government in a bid to tackle poaching for ivory and works with the RSPCA. And she’s still just seventeen. Bella’s next project is a mission to investigate and highlight the extent of her generation’s disconnection from the natural world, how different it was for previous generations, and what she thinks governments should do about it.

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