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Justice for Hen Harriers | Crowdfund appeal

Mark Avery, Feb 2020: “Back in 2018 nearly 1000 people supported a legal challenge I brought against Natural England’s decision to license a highly controversial scheme that involved the chicks of the rare and threatened Hen Harrier being taken away from grouse moors in the uplands of England so as to make life easier for grouse shooting. Yes, it’s a daft idea, no Hen Harrier would vote for it and my lawyers and I considered it to be illegal.”

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Hen Harrier poisoned by pheasant shoot

Oh, the irony. In the week, writes Charlie Moores, that shooting launched its new green vision to persuade us all that it cares desperately about wildlife by declaring – nearly seventy years after laws came into force protecting them – a ‘zero tolerance’ to the illegal killing of birds of prey, look what turns up next to a pheasant shoot: yet another dead Hen Harrier.

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Hen Harriers: not very good at being – er, Hen Harriers?

Maybe Hen Harriers are simply not very good at being Hen Harriers? Maybe the evolutionary adaptations to the harsh conditions, the specialised feeding rituals, the cryptic plumages, the non-specific diet which means these birds will eat almost anything they can catch…just don’t work? Or maybe, asks Charlie Moores, it’s more to do with illegal raptor persecution…

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