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Podcast: Dominic Dyer | Badger Cull Update March 2020

In 2018 the UK government commissioned Professor Sir Charles Godfray to conduct an independent review into its policy of culling badgers to control bovine tuberculosis or bTb and to achieve ‘Officially Bovine Tuberculosis Free’ status in England by 2038. The review took place during spring and summer 2018, was reported to Ministers in October that year, and a government response was – at last – published on the 5th of March this year, 2020. Charlie Moores talked with Dominic Dyer, chief executive Badger Trust, to discuss the headlines that were generated and ask whether we will be seeing the end of the badger cull anytime soon.

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‘The War On Wildlife Podcast’ Episode Three

The third episode of ‘The War on Wildlife Podcast’ is now available from iTunes and Lush Player. Partly inspired by Chris Packham’s People’s Manifesto for Wildlife, which used the hashtag War on Wildlife, this episode sees Charlie Moores and Ruth Peacey discuss the war on badgers, bovine TB, vaccination, and give their thoughts on campaigning.

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