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Bumblebees – canaries in the countryside?

A headline in the UK’s The Guardian this week, stated that “Bumblebees’ decline points to mass extinction”. It was triggered by a report in the journal Science which analysed long-term data for 66 bumblebee species across both North America and Europe and concluded that “increasing frequencies of temperatures that exceed historically observed tolerances help explain widespread bumblebee species decline”. Should that matter, writes Charlie Moores, to us?

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Australia on fire: can its endemic wildlife recover?

Adelaide based photographer Brad Fleet‘s image of a charred Kangaroo, caught in a fence as it fled the bushfires destroying the east of the continent, went viral this week. It seemed for a moment to shift the focus away from human catastrophe to the impact the fires are having on wildlife and the vast loss of irreplaceable bush and forest habitat. Can, writes Charlie Moores, its endemic wildlife ever recover?

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