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Happy Birthday Wild Justice

So, here we are, writes Charlie Moores. In a modern room in an historic building off Old Chancery Lane. We’re here to celebrate a year of Wild Justice (set up to ‘fight for wildlife’ by challenging legislation in the courts). They have lit a fire under prejudices and ‘traditions’ that are unfit for the twenty-first century. As Chris Packham says here in London, “We pick fights because we know that we’re right“. Every one of us that supports Wild Justice knows it too.

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Justice for Hen Harriers | Crowdfund appeal

Mark Avery, Feb 2020: “Back in 2018 nearly 1000 people supported a legal challenge I brought against Natural England’s decision to license a highly controversial scheme that involved the chicks of the rare and threatened Hen Harrier being taken away from grouse moors in the uplands of England so as to make life easier for grouse shooting. Yes, it’s a daft idea, no Hen Harrier would vote for it and my lawyers and I considered it to be illegal.”

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Shooting in National Parks

Our national parks are ‘treasured landscapes’. ‘Rugged wilds’. Perhaps. ‘Special places’? That probably depends on your definition of a ‘special place’. Somewhere to go for peace and solitude, go hiking or birdwatching perhaps, enjoy wildlife? Or how about somewhere to go and listen to shooters killing the wildlife and filling the valleys and hills with the sound of gunfire…?

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