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It’s unlikely that the politicians that steered incredibly important protections for wild birds and their nests through various parliaments ever imagined that one day some developers would look at the law and instead of thinking, Yes, we must protect nesting wild birds, would instead think Hmm, if we can stop birds nesting we can pretty much do any work we want without the law being able to touch us. But that, writes Charlie Moores, is what’s happening right now…

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Nesting birds and the law

Here’s a relevant question for the springtime: did you know that it is illegal – ie it is against the law – to disturb nesting birds or to remove any nests that are being used? That includes the birds and nests in our gardens, the birds that are nesting precisely where developers want to build new houses, and the birds that may try to nest on those (and our) houses too. If the answer is ‘No’ or even ‘Yes…but I’m not sure of the details’, hopefully this post will help.

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