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Shooting and lead shot

There has been a ripple of news around a ‘decision’ that the shooting industry is planning to ban the use of lead shot. Well, ‘ban’ as in spending another five years of polluting the environment with a toxic product, poisoning waterbirds that pick up lead shot thinking it’s grit (many birds swallow grit to help grind fibrous food material in their gizzards), and ignoring the inconvenient fact that non-toxic alternatives exist and are widely used. However, Charlie Moores writes, we’ve been here before – and is this the issue we should be most concerned about anyway?

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Podcast: Peter Cranswick | Telling the story of the world’s rarest duck

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust’s Peter Cranswick is a highly experienced waterfowl conservationist who has worked on a range of threatened species from Red-breasted and Lesser White-fronted Geese to the world’s rarest duck – the Madagascar Pochard. Charlie Moores went to talk with Peter about his work on the ground in northern Madagascar and how the project changed from what he once described as “a hastily implemented rescue mission focused solely on a duck..into a genuinely holistic programme for wildlife and people”.

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The Madagascar Pochard | The world’s rarest duck

The Madagascar Pochard, Part One. An otherwise unassuming small brown diving duck confined to an island off Africa is at the centre of a fascinating and ground-breaking conservation effort that has captured headlines because the species is recognised as the ‘world’s rarest duck’. In a two-part series The War on Wildlife Project looks at the decline of the Madagascar Pochard and the work now being done by an alliance of conservation partners to recover the population.

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