Podcast: Not Whale Food: Marine Pollution | Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Marine pollution – plastic especially – is everywhere. Charlie Moores talks with Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s chief-executive Chris Butler-Stroud and Policy Officer Pine Eisfeld-Pierantonio about the impact pollution has on whales and dolphins – and ultimately, perhaps, on us.

Header image credit Whale and Dolphin Conservation (from the notwhalefood.com website)


WDC“…We have a responsibility to speak up for them and ensure that we are protecting that shared environment so that they can thrive and actually as they thrive we will thrive – we just need to stand up, stand together, and make some small choices in our lives…”

Whale and Dolphin Conservation | Not Whale Food : Marine Pollution
December 2017


  • Originally published on Lush Player, December 2017