Podcast: Stink Pits (with a League Against Cruel Sports investigator)

Wildlife persecution is a regrettable fact of life in parts of the countryside, particularly those areas managed for shooting. Much of it takes place just out of sight, but we can help tackle it if we know where to look and what to look out for.

In this podcast, recorded in southern Scotland in May 2018, Charlie Moores discusses stink pits, marked areas surrounded by snares and used on many grouse moors and pheasant shoots to attract foxes and other predators to their deaths, with Harry Huyton (then working with Edinburgh-based charity OneKind) and a wildlife investigator from the League Against Cruel Sports.


“…if we start asking ourselves is this really what we want – stink pits in our countryside, snares in our countryside, cage traps in our countryside – then we can start to change things…”



Stink Pits | One Kind and League Against Cruel Sports
May 2018