Podcast: Gill Lewis | Eagle Warrior

Following a relatively short career as a vet, Gill Lewis took her love of wildlife and the natural world and became a strong and highly effective voice against wildlife persecution and environmental degradation. Now a multi-award-winning children’s author, her young heroes and heroines share the pages of her books with Moon Bears, gorillas, and – of particular interest – birds of prey. Her books about wildlife crime on grouse moors, Sky Dancer and Eagle Warrior, feature a Hen Harrier and a Golden Eagle respectively, and Gill creates wonderful tension between carefully-drawn characters, birds of prey, and the landscapes both find each other in.

Charlie Moores met up with Gill in a National Trust garden, not far from where the author herself grew up, to discuss her inspirations and gives a short exclusive reading from her latest book ‘Eagle Warrior’.


“…I feel really strongly that children need space just to be outside – there’s this magic all around us that we tune out of – we need time to daydream, it’s where the imagination happens…”

Gill Lewis | Eagle Warrior
August 2019