Carol Day | Minister for Wildlife Law One Year On

A People’s Manifesto for Wildlife was published in September 2018 – how do the experts chosen to contribute as Ministers to the ‘first draft’ of the Manifesto reflect on what they wrote and proposed a year ago?

…’The devil is in the detail’ – but that’s where the pleasure comes in, looking at the detail and finding how you can use that to achieve your objectives…

Carol Day | Minister for Wildlife Law One Year On
September 2019


As part of the ‘The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife – Revisited’ podcast series, Charlie Moores spoke with consultant solicitor Carol Day of the law firm Leigh Day (who have represented, for example, Wild Justice in landmark cases to challenge poor decisions or flawed policies that threaten to harm our wildlife).

Carol’s contribution to the Manifesto was as Minister for Wildlife Law, and it contained a raft of fascinating ideas including an Environment Act and a bespoke environmental forum to hear civil and criminal cases.

They began though by talking about the first paragraph in her Manifesto contribution which had suggested that there ‘has never been a greater need for a strong legal basis to halt biodiversity loss’. One year on, had anything changed that had got us nearer that ‘strong legal basis’?