New Podcast | Superintendent Nick Lyall

“…what I’d like to think I can do in my tenure [as RPPDG Chair] is stop the organised element of raptor persecution – the hundreds and hundreds of raptors that are slaughtered each year linked to professional organisations – I’d like to think over my time in the chair I can stop that.”

Superintendent Nick Lyall – one of Bedfordshire’s most senior police officers – is on a mission to tackle raptor persecution! Nick is both Chair of the (once heavily criticised) Raptor Persecution Priority Delivery Group (the RPPDG) – a group of organisations run by the National Wildlife Crime Unit to stamp out the illegal killing of birds of prey – and the national lead for Operation Owl, an awareness-raising initiative which builds on a successful blueprint introduced by North Yorkshire Police, the RSPB and the RSPCA.

Charlie Moores spoke with Nick to ask him how he got involved in the fight to tackle raptor persecution and what he hopes to achieve, about foxhunting in his local force area, and much more.

He began though by asking Nick how he started his now nearly twenty years in the police force…

The podcast is on Lush Player and can be heard here