Beds and Bucks Hunt Sabs at Lush Milton Keynes

In the run-up to Christmas, Lush Milton Keynes are dedicating all the money raised from their Charity Pots purchases to small local charities: in mid-November the store hosted the Beds and Bucks Hunt Sabs, who have kindly written a blog about their visit.

As hunt sabs we know that Lush have always had a close relationship with grassroot activism and have supported both the Hunt Saboteur Association (HSA) and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs as a group in the past.

We’re always very happy when they invite us in store. It gives us an opportunity not only to make some money from selling some merchandise but also do some very important outreach to people who may not necessarily understand what is actually happening out there in the fields.

Lots of the general public believe that hunting no longer goes on since the ban in 2005 and are both surprised and disgusted in equal measures when they find out the reality of the situation. These are the people we get to speak to when we’re in a Lush store. It’s always very rewarding when you get that great feedback from the general public and the confirmation that they are overwhelmingly on our side.

One of the things that struck our guys who spent time in store was the high level of staff morale and the hard work they put in, not only selling their own products but introducing customers to us and promoting and selling the charity pots that were also going towards our cause.

All the staff wore HSA stickers, and in between talking with customers were keen to speak to us about our experiences. I think we may even gain a few more sabs!

We’d certainly encourage any other sabs groups out there to get in touch with their local store and arrange something.

You’ll get very well-looked after and make some money, which will clearly help in the fight against those who abuse our wildlife for fun. As a non-profit organisation every penny counts, and the partnership with Lush is certainly one that’s worth the time and effort.

Finally a huge thanks to all the Lush Milton Keynes team. You guys rock, even if you do come out of there looking like you’re covered in pixie dust!


  • With every purchase of Charity Pot, Lush donates 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small, grassroots organisations that could use the helping hand to continue the incredible work that they do. Charity Pot supports organisations that align with our ethics in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. Read more here.