Podcast: Kate Bradbury | Minister of Urban Spaces One Year On

A People’s Manifesto for Wildlife was published in September 2018 – how do the experts chosen to contribute as Ministers to the ‘first draft’ of the Manifesto reflect on what they wrote and proposed a year ago?

“….our gardens take up more space than all our nature reserves put together. If we all rewilded…we’d achieve amazing things….”

Kate Bradbury | Minister for Urban Spaces One Year On
November 2019

Brighton-based Kate Bradbury is an author, campaigner, and gardener. She is passionate about organic, wildlife-friendly gardening and brilliantly detailed her struggle to bring lfe back to a ‘decked, barren backyard‘ in ‘The Bumblebee Flies Anyway‘. She works tirelessly to inspire others to create better habitats for wildlife in their own gardens and outside spaces, and was the perfect choice to take on the role as Minister for Urban Spaces.



Charlie Moores spoke with Kate for the podcast series ‘The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife – Revisited’. They talked about some of the proposals Kate had made in her Manifesto contribution, how hard it can be to convince people to love their garden wildlife, insect scare stories, rewilding, and much more but began by discussing one of the more startling facts in her Manifesto essay…how many of our gardens are now paved over.


  • The ‘first draft’ of A People’s Manifesto for Wildlife can be downloaded from Chris Packham’s website at chrispackham.co.uk – an updated version of the Manifesto is due in ther near future.