Shortcasts | Cutting a long story short

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or the energy to dive deep into a story, interview or a long-form podcast. Sometimes all you want is an opinion. A single idea that stays with you. A shot of motivation. An espresso rather than a mug of mocha with chocolate shavings. Delivered up by someone interesting of course.

Welcome to War On Wildlife Shortcasts.

To cut a long story short, we ask our guests what one piece of advice they would give to help tackle the War On Wildlife? It’s quite a skill to sum up such an important issue in just a minute or two, but we’re asking some very skilled authors, researchers, and thought leaders.

Broadcaster and conservationist Chris Packham, for example, suggests ‘we need tolerance to tackle the war on wildlife‘. Explorer and filmmaker Bruce Parry suggests that we need to ‘learn how to feel and learn how to reconnect‘. Author and academic Prof Dave Goulson, an expert on the problems of pesticides and their impacts on insects, suggests we can all make our gardens wildlife-friendly and all look at how we grow or buy our food. Nick Weston, Head of Campaigns at League Against Cruel Sports suggests that the key to tackling the war on wildlife is ‘to speak up and ask questions‘. Dominic Dyer author, campaigner and chief-executive of Badger Trust suggests we can ‘take social responsibility in our own backyard‘. Dr Mark Avery, conservationist, author, and Wild Justice co-founder suggests that we need to ‘Get Active‘. Or how about Senior Project Manager of the Hen Harrier Life Project Dr Cathleen Thomas‘ poignant suggestion that ‘we need to learn better how to live alongside native wildlife’?

Simple advice, really. But then sometimes a single sentence is all we need to kickstart an action, a change, a new way of doing things. Sometimes all we need is a long story cut short.

You can find all our shortcasts here. And if you’d like to contribute one of your own, please get in touch using the contact form to the right.