WoW Project | Guest post on Mark Avery’s blog

Mark Avery,” (writes Mark Avery) “is a scientist by training and a naturalist by inclination. He writes about and comments on environmental issues.

“Mark worked for the RSPB for 25 years until standing down in April 2011 to go freelance. He was the RSPB’s Conservation Director for nearly 13 years.

“Mark lives in rural Northamptonshire and is a member of Cheltenham Racecourse, the RSPB, the Wildlife Trusts, the BTO, the National Trust for Scotland and the Labour Party. He is a trustee of the World Land Trust (how about giving them a donation, please?).


He is also a co-founder of Wild Justice, co-organised Hen Harrier Day 2019 at Carsington Water, and runs one of the UK’s most widely-read and influential environment blogs. Guest writers have included politicians, chief-execs of charity organisations, prominent activists and campaigners – and now The War On Wildlife Project.

Mark gave me a great opportunity to talk about how and where the Project originated (down in Poole, Dorset) and what we’re looking to achieve in 2020 (it’s going to be a huge year for The War On Wildlife Project).
Here’s an excerpt:

“We could gather up everything we care so much about and put it all in one place. Open it up to everyone who thinks the way we do. It could become a shared hub for the charities and the organisations that get Charity Pot grants. A no-strings-attached forum to explain what they do to shared audiences. To invite those audiences to get involved too. I’m running way ahead now (I never knowingly under-think anything), but it could be like an online Summit. And it could be somewhere for the hundreds and hundreds of people who love wildlife and who work in the stores or come into the stores or hold events inside the stores to talk about the war on wildlife and what we’re doing to help tackle it. All of us. Build it and – ah, you know how the phrase goes as well as I do.”

Thankyou again to Dr Avery for his interest and support. The full post is at