Podcast: Mary Colwell | Working to save Curlews

In 2016 naturalist and broadcaster Mary Colwell walked 500 miles across Ireland, northern Wales, and England to raise awareness of how the once-common Common Curlew Numenius arquata was disappearing from the countryside. As she wrote at the time, ” I undertook this walk alone and unpaid. I am passionate about saving these birds.”

In the years that have followed, Mary has written a book about her travels (Curlew Moon), won the WWT Marsh Award for Wetland Conservation, launched a charity (Curlew Action), and launched a Crowdfunder to help her create a Curlew Fieldworker Toolkit which met its target just days before Charlie Moores went across to Bristol to talk with Mary for this interview. As he discovered, her passion for Curlews is burning as brightly as ever!

“…there has to be solutions or why would you get up in the morning?…[Curlews are] not going to go on my watch if I can help it…”

Mary Colwell | Working to save Curlews
January 2020