Podcast: Checking in with Dominic Dyer, chief-executive Badger Trust

Here at The War on Wildlife Project we were thinking that as us campaigners, conservationists and activists can’t get out to meet and see each other now, how about creating something to bring the conservation community together – everyone from individuals to grassroots organisations to larger charities – something that reminds us all that we’re still out there, still working, but that also shows the human side of things during this COVID-19 crisis.

An ongoing series of short podcast conversations we could think of as ‘check-ins’ (as in ‘we’re checking in to make sure we’re all okay’) – chats about how we’re getting on, how we’re adapting as campaigners, how being out in Nature is helping us cope.

Now, we appreciate that everyone has Facebook, Twitter, their own blogs even, but perhaps bringing everyone together like this in one place could really create an interesting set of viewpoints/tips/different thinking – and maybe even keep us from feeling alone…

That’s the idea and today we’re talking with author, conservationist, campaigner (and someone who has always supported the work we’re doing here at The War on Wildlife Project) Dominic Dyer.


“…I hope out of this we can do things better – I think we need to look at the way we deal with the natural world and animals – and how that impacts human health as well…”

Checking-in…with Dominic Dyer, chief-executive Badger Trust
March 2020


The Badger Trust is online at badgertrust.org.uk. Dominic Dyer is on Twitter at domdyer70

If you like the idea of these podcasts please do spread the word on social media, and if you’d like to come and have a chat email me at charlie -AT- waronwildlife.co.uk

Thank you very much for listening – and stay well