Podcast: Crow Cage Traps

Wildlife persecution is a regrettable fact of life in parts of the countryside, particularly those areas managed for shooting. Much of it takes place just out of sight, but we can help tackle it if we know where to look and what to look out for.

In this podcast, recorded ‘in the field’ in southern Scotland in May 2018, Charlie Moores visited a cage trap with a highly-experienced wildlife investigator to discuss these awful ‘tools’, used on many grouse moors to catch crows (along with parrots, perhaps the most intelligent and sentient birds on the planet).


“…I saw a gamekeeper go into a cage trap – he picked up a stick – and he crouched down and started beating these crows – stamping on them and beating them to death…”

Crow Cage Traps | Charlie Moores and a LACS Investigator
May 2018


Header photo of a ladder-type Crow Cage Trap taken on a grouse moor by Charlie Moores


  • First published on Lush Player May 2018