Podcast: Elaine Rainey | Getting the most from being outside

Welcome to a podcast made to support Wild Wellbeing week, a project being run as part of Let’s Notice Nature, a joint initiative of Scottish Badgers and the Scottish Wildlife Trust delivered as part of the National Lottery supported ‘Earn Your Stripes’ project – a skills development programme promoting diversity and social inclusion.

To bring together a wealth of tips and practical suggestions for getting the most of your time outside, Charlie Moores talked with Elaine Rainey, Project Officer for Scottish Badgers. Elaine has more than 15 years experience in ecology and environmental education, is a qualified Health Walk Leader, Wild Ways Well Leader and holds a Level Three award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health. Her specialisms include wildlife tracking, mammals, plants and pollinators. She is passionate about the benefits of nature connection for supporting wellbeing. Which is quite a list…which prompted Charlie to begin the conversation by suggesting to Elaine that having all those different skills must make her time outdoors all the more enjoyable


“…it’s just a case of trying everything and seeing what best fits you…but using all your senses can have such a profound effect on your wellbeing…”

Elaine Rainey | Wild Wellbeing Week
May 2020


As mentioned in the podcast you can find out much more about Wild Wellbeing week on Facebook at Let’s Notice Nature. The Scottish Badgers website is at scottishbadgers.org.uk and they are on twitter at scottishbadgers