Revive | Chance to End Mountain Hare Killing

The Revive coalition (a coalition of like-minded organisations working for grouse moor reform in Scotland) have just sent out a newsletter asking as many people as possible to write to Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) asking them to sign an amendment that would make Mountain Hares a protected species, potentially seeing the end of grouse moor estates shooting them in huge numbers as ‘vermin’.


This is it. We now have our chance to end the mass killing of our native Scottish mountain hares. 

An amendment in Parliament to the Animals and Wildlife (Scotland) Bill to make mountain hares a protected species will be voted on next Wednesday (17 June) and you can help make this happen!

We need you to write to your MSPs so they don’t miss this key opportunity to end the slaughter.

On average 26,000 mountain hares are killed in Scotland every year, largely on grouse moors because they are (questionably) believed to threaten the number of grouse available for sport shooting.


We need every possible MSP to back this amendment so if you as their constituent can write to them it will make a big difference. When writing your MSPs you may wish to highlight how strongly you feel that mountain hares should be protected, that the mass killing of this iconic and native species is unacceptable and that you expect their support in making them a protected species – that they should agree with Alison Johnstone’s amendment number 30.

Footage about mountain hare persecution narrated by Chris Packham can be seen here although you may find the footage disturbing.

Write to Government Minister Mairi Gougeon

If you wish to persuade the Government Minister responsible for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment to back this amendment you can write to Mairi Gougeon MSP using this address here: Minister Gougeon will be speaking on behalf of the Government next week so lets show her how many of us care for Scotland’s mountain hare. When writing to the Minister you may want to highlight how strongly you feel that mountain hares should be protected, that the Scottish Government has seen the evidence it requested before taking action and that now is the time to take the action they promised – that she should agree with Alison Johnstone’s amendment number 30

Thank you for all you do to change the face of Scotland for our people, our wildlife and the environment and thank you in advance for your help with this

Many thanks and kind regards,

Max Wiszniewski

Campaign Manager for Revive