Vote to end Mountain Hare slaughter

The driven grouse industry really dislike Mountain Hares. Not because they eat grouse chicks. Not because they are all bouncy and quite cute and distract shooters. Not because guests to very expensive shooting estates are kept awake at night by their chattering. Not even because they leave little piles of droppings that guests don’t want to dip their expensively clad shooting boots in…Nope, it’s because hares might carry ticks that can carry a virus that can infect grouse. Come rain or shine, increase or decline, public disgust or – no, just public disgust – gamekeepers on upland shooting estates shoot thousands of hares every year to protect their employer’s profits.

Green Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) Alison Johnstone wants this disgraceful slaughter of native species stopped. And we can help her…but we need to be quick!

A petition promoted by Pete Morrison on behalf of the Scottish Green Party is asking the following:


On Wednesday 17th the Scottish Parliament will vote on whether to protect mountain hares and end their slaughter.

Green MSP Alison Johnstone has tabled the amendment to the Animals and Wildlife Bill that would make mountain hares a protected species.

This would end the killing of mountain hares for fun and the mass killing of these beautiful animals on grouse moors.

We have just one chance to get this passed and into law.

When Alison stands up in Parliament to ask MSPs to vote for the amendment we need to show the Scottish public is behind her.

Sign the petition now and show your support for an end to the slaughter of mountain hares.