Wild Justice Hen Harrier Day e-action

Wild Justice are organising another e-action to try to prod our MPs into finally doing something about the disgraceful illegal slaughter of protected birds of prey.

Why would you not sign this?

Perhaps you think that gunning down Red Grouse is acceptable and if a few Hen Harriers die so that you can have a fun day out with your mates then that’s okay? Perhaps you’ve been told by shooting lobbyists that everything the ‘extremists’ from Wild Justice does is aimed at taking away your guns and you’ve not the intellectual rigour to separate fact from propaganda? Perhaps you just don’t like wildlife, especially Hen Harriers – even though you’ve never seen one and couldn’t find your way to a grouse moor with Google Maps and an Uber driver?

The rest of us – hopefully – who do care will sign…click to go to https://wildjustice.eaction.org.uk/saveourskydancers