‘Snared’ audiobook now available

It’s a good story which takes the reader along quickly and at the end of each short chapter one is always tempted to start the next, and the next, so the book flies along. Once you start the book, you’ll be trapped, maybe Snared into reading all of it. It is quite long, at 350+ pages but I didn’t feel at the end of it that it was too long. I enjoyed it.

Mark Avery, Book Review, 02 Aug 2020
Snared: 5 5star ratings on Amazon!

As visitors here will know, moorland fell runner and wildlife campaigner Bob Berzins recently published ‘Snared’, a book which we said “absolutely nails the unsavoury workings of the intensive grouse shooting industry to the wall. While carrying the usual legal disclaimer that ‘any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental’, the book is packed with evocative descriptions of the uplands and the people that live there – from venal estate owners to lawless badger baiters and angry, violent gamekeepers locked in battles with their families and the local wildlife. It feels authentic from the first line to the last.

None of the team here at The War on Wildlife Project had previously met Bob, but the more we got to know him, the more we wanted to help him ‘spread the word (‘Snared’ may not have been written to highlight the war on wildlife, but if we’d commissioned it with that in mind we’d have been extremely happy with the result!). When Bob mentioned he was thinking about producing an audio version, that he had a narrator in mind (actor and playwright Nick Wood), but might need some help with editing the sound files, ours ears pricked. We’d produced and edited hundreds of podcasts over the last five years – how difficult could this be?

Well, it took a bit longer than we’d anticipated but the narration was brilliant, and the story just as compelling the second (and third) time of listening. As inspirational was the fact that Bob had decided to donate 100% of the sales to IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Service), the largest specialist charity in Yorkshire supporting people affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence. Both Nick and ourselves turned down Bob’s offer of payment for our work, as we both wanted to support him and IDAS as well.

And now we’re extremely pleased to share in announcing that the audiobook is available direct from IDAS, for a suggested donation of just £5 (you can give more of course!).

You can buy the Snared Audiobook right here: shop.idas.org.uk


Bob is clearly pleased with the result, writing that, “Many of us are turning to podcasts and audiobooks which bring to life the magic of storytelling. Actor and playwright Nick Wood adds rhythm, cadence and a huge range of voice and accent to the characters and words. It’s a spellbinding performance worthy of any theatre production. And behind every production lies the skill, hard work and professionalism needed to bring those words to the audience. And Charlie Moores put a huge effort and commitment into providing that.

‘Snared’ was never produced with any kind of commercial gain in mind. But I’ve rekindled friendships and found new friends who all believed this is a story that needs to be told. There is a community that believes in the need to restore our natural world with compassion and kindness to nature and each other.”


Sarah Hill, CEO of IDAS, has also commented, thanking potential readers of the book for supporting the vital work that IDAS does:

In Snared, Bob Berzins tells the compelling story of wildlife crime whilst exploring the plight of Cathy, who is trapped in an abusive marriage.  Cathy’s story is very similar to the ones we hear from many of the women we support and is particularly poignant at a time when COVID and lockdown has made it even more difficult for victims to break free from abuse.

At IDAS we support over 15,000 people a year who are affected by domestic abuse and violence and we thank Bob and you, the reader, for donating to our vital charity.

We hope you enjoy the book and if you would like to find out more about our work please visit: idas.org.uk

Sarah Hill, CEO of IDAS, August 2020


As we usually say at the end of our podcasts, thanks for listening!