Wild Justice | Petition to stop badger shooting

A new e-action from our favourite trio of crime-fighters, Wild Justice:


Wild Justice believes that the DEFRA Badger cull is ineffective in dealing with the scourge of bovine tuberculosis, but in any case it is an inhumane method of control, relying as it does on tens of thousands of Badgers being shot.

We are taking a legal challenge against the licensing of this inhumane practice and although we were refused permission for judicial review we are appealing that decision and have been allocated a date in late October for that appeal.

We cannot be sure that our legal challenge will succeed and so we want to add to the pressure on DEFRA and Natural England to think again about humane methods of disease control including better cattle testing, vaccination of Badgers and cattle, movement restrictions etc. To change the Government’s mind we need a huge public outcry against the shooting of thousands of Badgers in the countryside.

So please look at our very simple petition, published only an hour or so ago, and support it if you can. Any UK resident can sign the petition, as can UK citizens living abroad. You’ll have to fill in some details about yourself (not many and we do not get any of those details) and click the confirmation link that is sent to your email inbox for your voice to count.

If we get to 10,000 signatures (we expect we will quite quickly with your help) then DEFRA must respond; if we get to 100,000 signatures (which is our aim) then there will be a backbench debate in Westminster Hall with Shadow and Government Ministers making statements. We aim to put political pressure on government – and we can only do that with your help, please.

Please sign our petition against Badger shooting – click here

Wild Justice, 24 Sept 2020


Wild Justice says that they think they will reach 10,000 signatures relatively quickly. Yes, looks that way – this was the situation at 16:25, just hours after the petition launched…