Fox Hunting banned (again)

Imagine being so unconcerned about the law that you actually run an office for fox hunters? Remarkably, 15 years after the Hunting Act came into force there is such a thing, and apparently it acts as some sort of comms centre for fox hunters – openly and uncontested…Yes, it amazes us too…

Anyway, we’ve been waiting for an official update on fox hunting. No, sadly, not the one we all hoped for (that the government is finally cracking down on the myth that is so-called ‘trail hunting’) but an admission that this time the Covid lockdown rules apply to rural hooligans on horseback as much as they do to the rest of us. And given that most hunts seem to function only with multiple riders, multiple ‘supporters’ following them about, and multiple terriermen to dig foxes out of badger setts, the ‘You can only go outside with one other person’ rule should have made it abundantly clear that hunting has to stop!

The wonderful Hunt Sabs released a tweet with what seemed to be official advice from the so-called Hunting Office almost a week ago, and we’ve been checking their website every day since. And finally, there it was. In writing. And, no, this update didn’t appear on 3rd November, but however the update is dated hunting is now banned – not forever, but at least temporarily. Which means that some of our wildlife – and the sabs that work so hard to protect them – can have a month off from the dogs, the horses, and the very, very odd people who want to harm them…


Update 3rd November 2020

Further to the Government announcement on Saturday 31st October, the Hunting Office can confirm that Hunting activities in England should cease from the evening of Wednesday 4th November.

Hounds can be exercised from the kennels (or transported to an area to exercise safely), but this should be done by Hunt Staff only (or a small number of regular volunteers to ensure the safety of hounds on exercise) and only for the purposes of the routine daily care of the hounds. Horses can continue to be exercised, but only as part of their routine daily care and maintenance of fitness. Hunt Staff can continue mounted hound exercise if required, but only for the purposes of maintaining hound fitness.

As soon as we know more about the restrictions which could be in place after this date, we will inform all hunts.

The cessation of Hunting in Wales between Friday 23rd October and Monday 9th November currently remains in place. We will continue to update hunts should this situation change.