Sab attacked by badger baiters

You may have seen this on social media, but we wanted to flag up this horrendous attack on a sab by badger baiiters and the crowdfunder that’s been organised to support him while he is off work.

Badger baiters are amongst the nastiest and most vicious of thugs, with zero respect for life. The member of Manchester Hunt Saboteurs was attacked by five badger baiters near Little Lever, Bolton last night after checking on a sett. He was beaten unconscious and – literally – left for dead. His injuries are extremely serious. He needed forty-two stitches in his head and will need plastic surgery on his ear. The Police have been to take statements from him and are pursuing this as both a Section 18 assault (GBH), and crimes against the Badger Protection Act.


Clearly this brave man won’t be returning to work in the near future. If you would like to help him then please click this link or on the image below: