Petition | Mini’s Law (Public and Animal Safety Bill 2021)

Kudos to Keep The Ban for pushing this campaign so hard. Hunts have been illegally killing foxes for years, but they are also responsible for animals swept up by hounds as collateral (particularly in residential areas where hunts and hounds regularly cause absolute chaos). We’ve reported on a number of incidents on this site (see – ‘Out of Control’ | Another pet killed by hunt hounds and ‘Out of Control’ | Another pet killed by hunt hounds for recent examples), and now a law is being proposed that would prohibit any activity involving hunting hounds, such as so-called ‘trail hunts’ and hound exercise, taking place in a residential area or in any other public place. Hunts are likely to ignore any new law just as they ignore the Hunting Act, but at least the next time an incident occurs there could be legislation under which the hunt involved could be charged.

The header image below is taken from a YouTube video – My cat was killed by the hunt – made by Mini’s family


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