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Cyprus: massacre on migration

October. All across Europe hundreds of millions of birds are leaving their northern breeding grounds in woodlands, gardens, marshes, and mountains to escape the winter. Heading for their overwintering/non-breeding grounds in eg sub-Saharan Africa or India, huge numbers will die en route. Starvation, predators, bad weather all take a toll – but literally millions of birds will die in mist nets or will be shot out of the sky for fun.

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‘The War On Wildlife Podcast’ Episode Three

The third episode of ‘The War on Wildlife Podcast’ is now available from iTunes and Lush Player. Partly inspired by Chris Packham’s People’s Manifesto for Wildlife, which used the hashtag War on Wildlife, this episode sees Charlie Moores and Ruth Peacey discuss the war on badgers, bovine TB, vaccination, and give their thoughts on campaigning.

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