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Mary Colwell | ‘Curlew Action’ Crowdfunder

Next week the WoW Project will be interviewing irrepressible broadcaster and wildlife author Mary Colwell for a podcast. In recent years Mary has posited the idea of a Natural History GCSE, and highlighted the decline of the Curlew, a once familiar bird of open countryside but a species now in rapid decline. She recently launched a Crowdfunder to help produce a Curlew Fieldworker’s Toolkit designed to reverse the Curlew’s fortunes.

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Shortcasts | Cutting a long story short

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or the energy to dive deep into a story, interview or a long-form podcast. Sometimes all you want is an opinion. A single idea that stays with you. A shot of motivation. An espresso rather than a mug of mocha with chocolate shavings. Delivered up by someone interesting of course. Welcome to War On Wildlife Shortcasts.

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