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Two charged after fox killed during New Year hunt in East Yorkshire

It’s not that we’re deliberately looking for stories linking Yorkshire with wildlife crime, it’s more that they just keep turning up. When it’s not the region’s gamekeepers shooting or poisoning birds of prey, it seems that its so-called ‘trail hunting’ fox hunters can’t help breaking the law either. As a report in the Hull Daily Mail puts it rather prosaically, “Two men have been charged after allegedly allowing dogs to hunt a fox in East Yorkshire”.

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Langholm Moor Community Land Buyout

Last week many of us (well, many of us opposed to grouse shooting) received an email from Kevin Cummings (or Kevin’s office anyway). Kevin works for the Langholm Initiative (LI), a well-established charity which co-ordinates the Langholm Moor Community Buyout, and the email gave an update to donors to their Crowdfunder (which closed after easily reaching its £5000 target last year).

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Fox Hunts | How Many?!

It seems to have skipped the notice of many of the UK’s many fox/stag/hare hunters that in 2002 Scotland passed the Protection Of Wild Mammals Act and that England and Wales passed the Hunting Act 2004 (which came into force in early 2005). Perhaps there wasn’t enough publicity at the time – or every year since. In fact there are hundreds of hunts still operating, and now, writes Charlie Moores, the League Against Cruel Sports have devised an interactive map to show exaclty where they are.

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