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Guest Post | Clive Swinsco: Badgers – Defend Brock’s Clan

“Badgers are innocent! Unfortunately, however, their jury have been bribed and their judges are corrupt; therefore the mass execution of badgers continues. Political? Of course it’s political! Bloodsports are the ruling class “at play” and property development is one way the rich increase their wealth – Badgers are problematic “on both counts.” In spring 2020 (Vol. 38 No5) BBC Wildlife magazine published the article “Badgers – Out of the Woods?”…I responded in May – my letter was never published. There can be no doubt that the continued “official” killing of badgers by this government has given a killers/baiters “charter” to every sadist, hunter, ignorant farmer or mindless thug in the country; a carte blanche to persecute and kill any badger anywhere It’s what happens when you treat a species with abject contempt and cruelty ‘Out of the woods’? Certainly not. Not by a long way.” Guest post by Clive Swinsco

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Sab attacked by badger baiters

Badger baiters are amongst the nastiest and most vicious of thugs, with zero respect for life. A member of Manchester Hunt Saboteurs was attacked by five badger baiters near Little Lever, Bolton last night after checking on a sett. He was beaten unconscious and – literally – left for dead. His injuries are extremely serious. He needed forty-two stitches in his head, and will need plastic surgery on his ear. The Police have been to take statements from him and are pursuing this as both a Section 18 assault (GBH), and crimes against the Badger Protection Act.

A crowdfunder has been set up to support him whle he is off work. Please consider donating.

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Podcast: Dominic Dyer | Cruelty of badger cull exposed

Since the start of the badger cull – the government-sanctioned killing of a protected species to control Bovine Tuberculosis, a disease of dairy cattle – tens of thousands of badgers have been shot: either cage trapped then shot at close range or shot at night as they move around their territories. The vast majority of these animals have not been tested for TB and most are likely to be completely free of the disease. In September 2018 Chalrie Moores talked with Dominic Dyer about footage of a cage-trapped badger being shot obtained by the Hunt Investigation Team.

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Podcast: Badger Vaccination Symposium 2019

In April 2019 the UK’s first Badger Vaccination Symposium highlighted a non-lethal alternative to the government-sanctioned Badger Cull which had taken the lives of at least 67000 badgers by the end of 2018. Charlie Moores spoke with delegates after the event for this exclusive podcast with Debbie Bailey and Tim Birch of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Gail Weatherhead of the National Trust, Dominic Dyer CEO of the Badger Trust, and Professor Paul Lynch of Derby University.

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