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Guest Post | Dr Nial Moores: One conservationist’s take on the COVID-19 Pandemic

“I am not a medical doctor and I do not pretend to have specialist knowledge or insights on the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, as someone who lives in the Republic of Korea (ROK), I simply want to express my sympathies to those who are suffering and to give my sincerest thanks for the great response to the outbreaks that struck the nation back in February. This is why I agreed, happily, to do a podcast in mid-March for Lush’s fascinating War on Wildlife project. I also want to raise some specific concerns – most especially about the need for really strong biodiversity conservation measures in the months and years ahead.” Guest post by Dr Nial Moores, Birds Korea

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Podcast: Dr Nial Moores – Coronavirus and South Korea, a personal perspective

My name is Charlie Moores and under normal circumstances I wouldn’t record over Skype and I would be discussing biodiversity or campaigns affecting wildlife, but like pretty much everyone else at the moment I’m thinking about Covid-19, the coronavirus crisis that is sweeping the world, and wondering how it might be affecting my conservationist brother, Dr Nial Moores, who for the last twenty years has been living in Busan, a city in South Korea. Obviously I’ve been concerned about him, but his perspective on the reaction to the crisis has been so interesting I thought we’d record the conversation for a podcast…

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Status of birds in Korea: can you help?

Dr Nial Moores, Drector of Birds Korea, writes: “Birds Korea still appears to be the only organization ever to try to identify population trends in all of the nation’s most regularly occurring bird species. In our 2014 ground-breaking report, Status of Birds, we gathered data and information from a range of published and unpublished sources to suggest trends in 365 of the nation’s most regularly-occurring species.”

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