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Guest Post | Dr Nial Moores: One conservationist’s take on the COVID-19 Pandemic

“I am not a medical doctor and I do not pretend to have specialist knowledge or insights on the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, as someone who lives in the Republic of Korea (ROK), I simply want to express my sympathies to those who are suffering and to give my sincerest thanks for the great response to the outbreaks that struck the nation back in February. This is why I agreed, happily, to do a podcast in mid-March for Lush’s fascinating War on Wildlife project. I also want to raise some specific concerns – most especially about the need for really strong biodiversity conservation measures in the months and years ahead.” Guest post by Dr Nial Moores, Birds Korea

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Australia on fire: can its endemic wildlife recover?

Adelaide based photographer Brad Fleet‘s image of a charred Kangaroo, caught in a fence as it fled the bushfires destroying the east of the continent, went viral this week. It seemed for a moment to shift the focus away from human catastrophe to the impact the fires are having on wildlife and the vast loss of irreplaceable bush and forest habitat. Can, writes Charlie Moores, its endemic wildlife ever recover?

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