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Covid-19 restrictions: Johnson is unsure but for hunts it’s ‘business as usual’

As was widely reported in the media yesterday, Boris Johnson seemed unsure just what the law on restrictions to halt the spread of Covid-19 actually says. A law that his own government implemented. We’ve already attempted to analyse the restrictions brought in earlier this month, and how it might impact fox hunting – which is already illegal under the Hunting Act 2004 which bans the hunting of mammals with hounds of course. While Johnson seems unsure what on earth is going on, fox hunts have had no such doubts. As the evidence on social media proves, their attitude is that laws, like paying taxes if you’re a wealthy businessman, are made for the little people. Here’s just a small part of the evidence collected from a quick look on social media (with thanks to the sabs and monioirs who spend so much time in the field to document this).

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Fox Hunting lobbyists seeking way round new Covid law

New Covid-19 restrictions come into force in England, Scotland, and Wales this Monday as the number of infections rise sharply. These measures (commonly referred to as the ‘Rule of Six’) are posted on the gov.uk website. The so-called Countryside Alliance immediately announced they would be ‘reviewing the latest government guidance’ – we’re not lawyers but even we can understand that what the government announced is not ‘guidance’ but legal restrictions. The line that “this limit will be enforceable in law” should have given that away but perhaps they need it explaining again. This is NOT ‘guidance’ it is the law…

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