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Podcast: Mary Colwell | Working to save Curlews

In 2016 naturalist and broadcaster Mary Colwell walked 500 miles across Ireland, Wales, and England to raise awareness of how the once-common Common Curlew was disappearing from the countryside. As she wrote at the time, “I undertook this walk alone and unpaid. I am passionate about saving these birds.” Charlie Moores talked with Mary about her ongoing efforts to save Curlews – including the development of an online ‘toolkit’ aimed at fieldworkers and volunteers.

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Mary Colwell | ‘Curlew Action’ Crowdfunder

Next week the WoW Project will be interviewing irrepressible broadcaster and wildlife author Mary Colwell for a podcast. In recent years Mary has posited the idea of a Natural History GCSE, and highlighted the decline of the Curlew, a once familiar bird of open countryside but a species now in rapid decline. She recently launched a Crowdfunder to help produce a Curlew Fieldworker’s Toolkit designed to reverse the Curlew’s fortunes.

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Podcast: Mary Colwell | Curlews, GCSEs, and John Muir

A writer, conservationist and producer at BBC Radio, Mary Colwell walked 500 miles in 2016 to raise awareness about the startling crash in the number of curlews breeding in Ireland and across the southern half of the UK. She recently launched a petition on the government’s petition website calling for a GCSE in Natural History, which quickly attracted the 10,000 signatures needed to trigger a government response.
Mary spoke with Charlie Moores about curlews, education, and her naturalist hero John Muir,

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