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Badger Trust | Defra badger cull challenge response ‘meaningless’

“Once again we see a response with the same old platitudes and soundbites being rolled out. The vagueness is astounding, exposing what surely is a lack of a real plan, which in itself is unsurprising given that the badger cull to date has failed to deliver any robust results.” That’s Jo Bates-Keegan, Chair of Badger Trust, quoted in the charity’s latest press-release. No doubting there what she and the Badger Trust thinks about the Defra led ‘strategy’ to wipe out England’s badgers in a failed attempt to protect the dairy industry from a cattle disease. Hundreds of thousands of badgers dead, corpses of badgers thrown into sacks and dumped like trash, cattle still dying of Btb (before being sent to the slaughterhouse anyway), a former Farming Minister, George Eustice, seemingly wedded to the ‘slaughter and see’ approach, and far too many in the dairy industry refusing to properly address problems with biosecurity on farms or to embrace vaccination (ironically now seen as the best way out of another disease in the news lately)…

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