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Book Review : Derek Gow | Bringing back the Beaver

“‘Bringing back the Beaver’ is, of course, more than just a love letter to the beaver. It’s also a history book. It details the greedy, selfish, stupid eradication of a species that is still remembered in names of villages and towns all over England. It’s part-travelogue, too, with raucous accounts of vodka-fuelled evenings that make you wonder why some of the people featured in this book aren’t on the endangered list themselves. It’ll even give you explicit details about how to achieve the apparently near-impossible task of sexing beavers, and what it feels like to have a beaver’s chisel-like incisors slice through your chest….It’ll undoubtedly fill you with rage that officials are still screwing up our wildlife with ludicrously ill-informed decisions …but above all else it is wonderfully, marvellously inspiring.” From book review of ‘Bringing back the Beaver’

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