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Book Review: Eduardo Goncalves | Trophy Hunters Exposed (Inside the Big Game Industry)

In a remarkably short time Eduardo Goncalves has brought together a broad coalition of supporters and researchers, become an almost permanent fixture in the media, and – it turns out – has also somehow found time to write a book. And “Trophy Hunters Exposed: Inside the Big Game Industry” slams into trophy hunting with the force of a meteorite.

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Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting | House of Commons Reception (Jan 2020)

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting held a reception at the House of Commons on January 22nd. Event invitations stated that the event would be focussed on “Trophy Hunting: The Case for a UK Import/Export Ban” and that a rather interesting line-up of speakers would be jostling for space alongside high-profile supporters and media representatives. How could anyone, writes Charlie Moores, turn down an invitation like that…

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