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Book Review: Eduardo Goncalves | Trophy Leaks

“No, you shouldn’t come to this series hoping to be cheered up (inspired certainly, but not cheered up), but it’s almost guaranteed that unless you too get your kicks killing animals you’ll come away determined and enthused – as well as bewildered how you could possibly belong to the same species as these moral vacuums. These individuals who roam the world gunning down wildlife because they can combine their wealth with a gaping lack of morals or ethics. Eduardo’s books have revealed just how ‘different’ these people and their organisations are to the rest of us. How unsympathetic and ugly…And the facts laid out in these books are undeniable – they’re taken straight from trophy hunting conferences, sales brochures, internal reports, forums, from the foam-flecked mouths of the hunters themselves after all – and stand in stark and immediate contrast with where most researchers, scientists, members of the public, communities and even society itself are headed: towards a kinder, more compassionate world where we protect what is left, rather than butcher it and stick it up on our walls.” Book Review, Trophy Leaks

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Book Review: Eduardo Goncalves | Trophy Hunters Exposed (Inside the Big Game Industry)

In a remarkably short time Eduardo Goncalves has brought together a broad coalition of supporters and researchers, become an almost permanent fixture in the media, and – it turns out – has also somehow found time to write a book. And “Trophy Hunters Exposed: Inside the Big Game Industry” slams into trophy hunting with the force of a meteorite.

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Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting | House of Commons Reception (Jan 2020)

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting held a reception at the House of Commons on January 22nd. Event invitations stated that the event would be focussed on “Trophy Hunting: The Case for a UK Import/Export Ban” and that a rather interesting line-up of speakers would be jostling for space alongside high-profile supporters and media representatives. How could anyone, writes Charlie Moores, turn down an invitation like that…

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