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Equipment Fund – one month in…

So how – and what – have we been doing in the past month? As we wrote in the original post we are particularly respectful of confidentiality so won’t be saying which groups we’ve supported, but we can say that we have sent out kit to sixteen applicants so far, and that in terms of geographic spread that kit has gone to Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, the Peak District, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear, Cumbria, and southern Scotland. Thanks to our donors we have been able to provide six Guardian Body Cameras, two Badger Cages, several multi-packs of walkie-talkies, night vision monoculars, a Batbox Duet, and three Browning Trail Cams – as well as SD cards and batteries. The good news is that there is still money left to distribute, and we are still aiming to make everything as easy as possible for groups to access it.

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Equipment Fund – next steps

As we wrote last week, we were recently offered a donation to help tackle the war on wildlife. As we explained in that post, we felt that the best way to use this generous donation might be to set up an ‘equipment fund’ to help smaller groups (many of which we know from experience are made up of a handful of highly-committed individuals often having to fund their extraordinary work themselves) buy items to use in the field like video cameras, trail cams, night vision scopes, GPS Units, recording equipment etc. We pitched that idea to the internet and (we’re pleased – and excited – to say) it’s received really positive feedback. So that’s what we’re going to do. The next step, then, is to give you some more details and a few T&Cs, and – if you feel they are right for you or your group – for you to apply.

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How would you use a small grant to help tackle the war on wildlife?

That was the question we were asked recently: if the War on Wildlife Project were given a donation, how would you use it to help tackle the war on wildlife? What a question! So what would we do? Make a one-off lump sum donation, perhaps – many organisations are desperate for finance after lockdown after all. Or perhaps break up that money into smaller grants, spreading it across a number of smaller organisations or groups to help them fund their work? We’ve obviously thought long and hard about what to do, and while there are numerous charities/sanctuaries we would always like to help, we think that setting up an ‘equipment fund’ to help smaller groups buy items to use in the field like video cameras, go-pros, recording equipment etc would be the most effective way to distribute the money we’ve been given. We would really like to know: would an offer to buy equipment be useful to you or your group? What items do you need? Do you have a better idea? Please let us know in the comments or on social media.

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