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Ethical Consumer | ‘Shooting Wildlife’ Optics Report III

Ethical Consumer’s new report ‘Shooting Wildlife III’ “explores the debates surrounding the ethics and impacts of sport hunting and updates the 2016 and 2018 ‘Shooting Wildlife?’ reports – examining how 30 optics companies approach this sensitive subject.” If you’ve not read either of the previous two ‘Shooting Wildlife’ reports, in essence, they aim to give consumers information which will allow them to make a choice about which optics to buy based on whether or not they want to support companies with links to hunting. That information is never (in our experience anyway) presented in-store or at, for example, the British Birdfair where every optics company with a foothold in the UK promotes its products. And given their influence through huge advertising spend it’s rarely provided in birdwatching magazines either.

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Guest Post: Craig Jones | Ethical Photography

“Photography and Wildlife Ethics. Some might say what does that mean? Does it matter? It matters to me to such an extent that I am always honest in declaring the circumstances under which a photograph has been taken. I never use digital manipulation to misrepresent a subject or mislead the viewer. And I will never sell any of my images to any publication or organisation that promotes any form of hunting or killing of wildlife. But there is a bigger picture. For many nature lovers the ‘weapon of choice’ now is the camera. Use it wrongly and you can impact on the lives of creatures that have no voice, that won’t be able to report your actions.” Guest post by Craig Jones

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