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National Trust and Trail Hunting 101

What is ‘trail hunting’ and why is the National Trust (NT), one of the country’s most-respected conservation organisations, mired in contention for supporting it? Quick answer, there is no such thing as ‘trail hunting’ and because the NT owns huge areas of land they allow fox hunters to use…’Trail hunting’ was invented by hunts in response to the passing of the Hunting Act 2004 which outlawed the hunting of wild animals with dogs and is widely understood to be little more than a stop-gap allowing hunts to maintain their packs while they work for the repeal of the Act. ‘Trail hunting’ looks and sounds very much like a ‘traditional’ fox hunt. Why , though, does it matter that the National Trust supports it? The answer lies in hunt credibility and land…

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Podcast: Stink Pits (with a League Against Cruel Sports investigator)

In this podcast, recorded in southern Scotland in May 2018, Charlie Moores discusses stink pits, marked areas surrounded by snares and used on many grouse moors and pheasant shoots to attract foxes and other predators to their deaths, with Harry Huyton (then working with Edinburgh-based charity OneKind) and a wildlife investigator from the League Against Cruel Sports.

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