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Foxes: wild animals or just trash

What do you call fourteen foxes dead alongside the road? That all depends on who you are of course. If you’re the sort of compassionate human being that societies should be built upon, you would call it something like the barbaric, disprespectful treatment of sentient beings. If you’re one of our inhumane laughably self-serving ‘countryside managers’ you wouldn’t. You might , writes Charlie Moores, perhaps say something insensitive and out of kilter with the rest of humanity like, ‘It’s just taking the trash out, get over it…’

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Snares: legally binding

Snares are still widely used around the world. They’re cheap to make, easy to use, light to carry, quickly replaced if you can’t quite remember where you left them, and – good news if you’re an ivory or bushmeat poacher – far quieter than a rifle so won’t alert forest or park rangers when you’re out committing wildlife crime. But, asks Charlie Moores, are they still being used here, are they legal, and if so why…

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