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France ordered to ban lime sticks

The European Commission has just ordered France to enforce existing legislation banning the use of lime sticks or ‘glue traps’ to catch wild birds. The country has been given until October to definitively outlaw the practice. Under huge pressure from hunting lobby groups, France has used a rolling derogation on ‘glue traps’ in five south-east departments on the grounds that it is “traditional” (a familiar excuse that campaigners will recognise as having been used to justify everything from clubbing seals to hunting foxes and contributing to a near-terminal decline in the European population of Turtle Doves).

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France green lights mass Turtle Dove killing

You have to wonder just what it is that hunters have against the European Turtle Dove. At a stretch (‘different times’ and all that) it is possible to perhaps understand the hunting of a once abundant species that appeared in the spring skies and roosted in huge groups just when rural communities needed a plentiful food source, but to still be killing them now? In the 21st Century? When all the data shows that the species is in severe decline (data published in 2016 showed that the UK population of Turtle Doves had declined by 93% since 1994, a trend mirrored across Europe, where there was a decline of 78% between 1980 and 2013)? And no-one can genuinely claim ignorance of that. In 2015 the IUCN upgraded the European Turtle Dove on its Red List from Least Concern to Vulnerable where it remains after a 2019 assessment.

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French government okays glue sticks

The French government has – again – okayed the hideous cruel and indiscriminate practice of trapping migratory birds using glue-sticks. And just have a read of how a ‘hunter’ justifies his selfish and mediaeval hobby: “It is no more cruel than anything else in my opinion…But maybe I see it through the eyes of love.” Yeah, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than luring small birds to sticky traps where they either die like flies stick to flypaper or are condemned to a cage and used to lure in more birds…

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