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Language Matters | A War on Wildlife Project campaign

Back in February this year we wrote a post titled ‘Language Matters: ‘gamebird’, game bird, gamebird?’ It was a response to the use of the term ‘gamebird’ in the judicial review Wild Justice and their legal team were seeking. Now of course Wild Justice has won a fantastic victory in the courts. We applaud the court decision of course, but we have been rankled by the constant use of the term ‘gamebird’ in media reporting. So rankled that we’re launching a campaign about the use by the shooting and hunting industries of terms like ‘gamebird’, ‘pest’, ‘vermin’, and ‘cull’ callled ‘Language Matters’. There will be a number of asks and a number of different elements which we’ll be detailing throughout the next few weeks. Ultimately though we would like to see the legal status of the horribly divisive term ‘gamebird’ removed because as we explain #languagematters…

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Language Matters | ‘gamebird’, game bird, gamebird?

Language encodes and externalises our thoughts. The way we use it, writes Charlie Moores, expresses externally what we think about the person, animal or object we are describing. Sometimes we use language too casually, without questioning, and sometimes outside influences affect the words we use. Over many years, for example, we have been persuaded by agricultural and hunting/shooting interests. So should we use ‘gamebird’ at all?

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