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What The Actual F(ire)

The country is in lockdown because of a respiratory virus. Huge numbers of us are worried about our jobs, our safety – our lives. Our public services are stretched to the limit. The heroes of the NHS are working until they collapse. In an unprecedented period where we’re all being asked to pull together for the good of the nation, when there is a new focus on discovering solace in nature, when we’re engaged in a real debate about our environment, climate change, and how we treat wildlife, what do those essential keyworkers who strive to raise unnaturally high numbers of Red Grouse for the gun do? Start a fire, and lose control of it.

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Foxes: wild animals or just trash

What do you call fourteen foxes dead alongside the road? That all depends on who you are of course. If you’re the sort of compassionate human being that societies should be built upon, you would call it something like the barbaric, disprespectful treatment of sentient beings. If you’re one of our inhumane laughably self-serving ‘countryside managers’ you wouldn’t. You might , writes Charlie Moores, perhaps say something insensitive and out of kilter with the rest of humanity like, ‘It’s just taking the trash out, get over it…’

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Gamekeeping’s war on wildlife

The Moorland Monitors is a grassroots community network working to protect precious wildlife and habitat on the grouse shooting moors of the Peak District. On the 13th March they posted images on their Facebook page which showed tunnel traps designed to catch and kill Stoats. The photos caused an immediate reaction across social media, with questions being asked whether traps like these are legal and why weren’t the Peak District National Park authorities doing something about them. Reasonable questions which Charlie Moores does his best to answer…

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