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Guest post: Gill Lewis | Natural England, wild Peregrines, and Falconry

“The decision by Natural England to licence a falconer, Gary Wall, to remove peregrines from the wild, has exploded across social media. If this has taken Natural England by surprise, it shouldn’t have. Peregrines are much loved birds. A rebound in their numbers after suffering huge declines in the 1960s and 1970s has inspired conservationists and birders everywhere – and writers too. Their fortunes are still mixed though. While they are not the rarity they once were, peregrines are still widely persecuted on shooting estates and are more successful in urban areas than in rural ones. Interfering with peregrines ruffles feathers.” Guest blog by Gill Lewis

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Podcast: Gill Lewis | Eagle Warrior

Following a relatively short career as a vet, Gill Lewis took her love of wildlife and the natural world and became a strong and highly effective voice against wildlife persecution and environmental degradation. Now a multi-award-winning children’s author, her young heroes and heroines share the pages of her books with Moon Bears, gorillas, and – of particular interest – birds of prey. Her books about wildlife crime on grouse moors, Sky Dancer and Eagle Warrior, feature a Hen Harrier and a Golden Eagle respectively, and Gill creates wonderful tension between carefully-drawn characters, birds of prey, and the landscapes both find each other in.

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