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Guest Post: Bob Berzins | ‘Snared’ – why it matters

“Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was photographed with a grouse shooting party in North Yorkshire on 19th August 1960. The location was Barden Moor, owned by the Duke of Devonshire and this was a typical scene for the ruling classes. This was just a few months after I was born and it’s taken nearly the whole of my lifetime for us to understand what grouse shooting is all about.” Guest Post by Bob Berzins

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Guest Post: Not our Tiddles!

“It’s that time of year when we look out the window and see birds building their nests. Some have already got young, we can hear the hungry cries of nestlings, and see the busy parents bringing back food for a nest full of gaping mouths. Soon baby birds will start to fledge, test their wings and leave the nest. Once out, a fledgeling is beset with danger. Owls, weasels, magpies, crows, foxes, and even rats will take and eat a baby bird, but of course cats are prolific, and arguably the least justifiable, bird hunters.” Guest post by campaigner, activist and cat-lover Emily Jones

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