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Wild Mammal Persecution UK

Wild Mammal Persecution UK (WMPUK) is a small group set up in 2019 to publicise and campaign against the persecution of wild mammals in the UK. The group are entirely self-funded, and as such are restricted in the amount of time they can spend researching. The more information they get about wild mammal persecution the better they are able to draw the attention of the public to the problems.

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Fox Hunts | How Many?!

It seems to have skipped the notice of many of the UK’s many fox/stag/hare hunters that in 2002 Scotland passed the Protection Of Wild Mammals Act and that England and Wales passed the Hunting Act 2004 (which came into force in early 2005). Perhaps there wasn’t enough publicity at the time – or every year since. In fact there are hundreds of hunts still operating, and now, writes Charlie Moores, the League Against Cruel Sports have devised an interactive map to show exaclty where they are.

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Guest post: Ellie Walliker | Hare Coursing in Cambridgeshire

Guest post by Cambridgeshire resident Ellie Walliker. Hare coursing incidents in Cambridgeshire have increased dramatically since 2009. Despite the formation of the police’s Operation Galileo (#OpGalileo), which involves 12 police forces, hare coursing related incidents still happen weekly. Reasons why coursing is so prevalent in this fenland county are that coursers trespass on private land and this can easily go unnoticed, particularly at dusk. Coursers are not renowned for their politeness and gentle nature and their complete lack of compassion is not restricted to those of the furred or feathered variety.

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